James Paulson's roll off roof observatory at the Sunridge Observatory site, taken in the summer of 1986, housing a 10 inch f/5 Cave Astrola Newtonian reflector telescope

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

My Road Ahead

I am really wanting to get into doing deep sky photography again. The more I read about imaging, the more confusing it all seems, and in some ways, this is a quantum leap from the grand old days of focus, guide and print. I am wanting to invest in a Canon DSLR and begin simply by doing some widefield imaging piggybacking a camera on the SN6. The basics of it all seem pretty straightforward, but as I read more and more of the technical side of aquiring images, flats, darks, lights, etc, this all looks like a lot of learning with software, and software is something that I really need to spend more time learning.
I'm not one to be intimidated by technical things, but I have to make a beginning somwhere, and this seems like a logical step. And besides, I need a decent digital camera anyways, so this gives me a chance to cover my bases and get back into the things I enjoy.
I really feel that if I can learn this, anyone can.

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